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L-R: Ryan Lewis & Macklemore.

I may be a little late to this party. But hey, better late than never, right?!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

These two are charting on Billboard, taking records and making statements.

Since the independent release of their album, The Heist, they have been making traction in the music arena that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Early in 2012, Rolling Stone said “Macklemore and Ryan Lewis impress” “This week’s Cinderella is Seattle rapper…”, that they have and are. Now it isn’t like the boys showed up out of nowhere and released some music and the world had a great awakening. No, its more like the boys have been at it for years (separately), then teamed up, made some dope music together, and BAM… we got a hit on our hands. It also helps that the boys are some good-looking hipsters. [you will understand how hipster they are after our #3 pick song for you to listen too.]

The Heist, their latest release, is a mix of serious, emotional, and fun.

Grab the album on iTunes here.

Seriously. I mean if your to listen to just 3 songs from the album, these are our favorites. I think you will get a gist of what the boys are about musically.

1. Same Love (Controversial Lyrics and beautiful composition)

2. Starting Over (Story of renewed sobriety, you can hear the pain and empowerment)

3. Thrift Shop (Funky, fun, and ridiculous. I mean it’s a song about thrift shopping.)

The boys aren’t something we have never laid whiteness to in music, it’s just some good marketing (by themselves) and timing amongst the fact that the music is a blend of Rap, electro at times, over classic beats.

Take a listen. Let us know what you think. We have jumped on the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis train for sure.

Same Love

Starting Over (No Music Video … yet.)

Thrift Shop

Some pics.

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