Beyonce Album Xo Drunk In Love

SO Beyoncé has slayed records, changed the music biz, and caused the internet to have a meltdown, all with her latest surprise album release for her self-titled album, Beyoncé.

The album is meant to be a visual album according to Bey and its living up to that with flawless looks and visuals from start to finish. The album of 14 songs and 17 videos is one serious Beyoncé experience. Not only is it a great album, it also has broken iTunes records with 828,773 copies worldwide in just 3 days, according to Apple. I can’t wait to see how she changed the game for sales in terms of numbers, besides the fact now you gotta have all the videos done for an album drop. Thanks Bey.

The two singles Beyoncé has chosen to kick off the album are “XO“, a radio friendly track and “Drunk In Love“, a track with deeper R&B vibes. Watch the videos for both tracks in full below!

Grab the visual album off iTunes here now! ->


“Drunk In Love”

Grab the visual album off iTunes here now! ->