al walser grammysSo today we posted about the Grammy Nominees… and then we noticed something.

Who the hell is Al Walser?

We think its hilarious, that amongst the other worldwide known musicians is a guy who’s track reminds us of the likes of Rebecca Black, Nicole Westbrook, and Lisa Gail.

Now if you don’t believe us, we understand. Trust us in that we weren’t sure it was the right video when making our YouTube playlist for the Grammy Noms. But only after wrote an article on the situation, we knew it was as bad as we first thought.

(our friend Kimberly brought the article to our attention, thanks boo) has some insider info and here is a direct quote from their article.

While the first four nominees are internationally famous and well-recognized musicians, the final one is not. The DJ “Al Walser” appears to have manipulated the Grammy Academy nominee process to facilitate his inclusion. A popular musician close to the situation, who requested that his name be withheld, had this to say:
This kind of thing doesn’t happen. [The Grammy Academy] takes this really seriously. They are super embarrassed that this happened. I still can’t believe it. has all the nominees posted, we screen capped the scandal nomination for you below.

grammy dance nom

Now take a look at the video. The best is the “amazing” green screen work.

We just can’t and remember this is GRAMMY Nominated material!!


UPDATE: We have found some more info for you. Here is an interview done with Al Walser and EDM Network over the scandal.

In our eyes, Al Walser is a disgrace to the artists working hard to make it in this competitive game.  Manipulating the system to serve your own interests and displace the artists who deserve the nomination and chance at the award is just wrong.

 We also have reviewed some of the other media out there for Al Walser, the YouTube video here, is a well edited video of Mr. Walser Djing at a small venue. Its very clear he edits and exaggerates all his media online, at least thats what we can tell from our research, to portray him in a light that is not at all accurate. 

Final note, here is an interview of Al Walser with MTV News.

Again feeding more bull… ironic since his production studio is Cut The Bull

I mean we have reached out to our international friends/contacts about him and they have no idea who he is either. So for his comment about Americans not knowing about the European DJ scene is rubbish.

We will give you a round up next week with our follow up article. Follow us on twitter for any updates we get.